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Black Comforter Sets

When it comes to choosing a new look for your bedroom, one thing is clear: you just can't go wrong with using black as a focus color.

Black pairs very well with just about every color and looks elegant by design — and black comforter sets are far from being the exception to this rule.

Whether you want to create a temporary look for the holiday season or if you want to make permanent changes to use over and over again throughout the year, a great black comforter set is the perfect way to get the ball rolling so to speak.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when thinking about a pair of black comforter sets.

First, material is going to be important, for multiple reasons. One of those reasons is price — some materials are naturally more expensive than others. A cotton polyester blend is inexpensive, but its quality cannot be compared to a more premium material such as silk.  

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It really depends on how much you're willing to spend on a black comforter set. While there may be a high investment into getting a good comforter set, it's something that will truly last for a long time to come.

Next, think about the cleaning and maintenance. Most sites that sell black comforter sets will also have maintenance and care instructions right along with information on how to purchase the product itself. If you invest in more of the premium materials and fabrics, it's important to follow the care instructions to the letter.  

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If the instructions specify to get a dry cleaning professional involved, you definitely don't want to wash it at home. There are comforter protectors to keep your comforter set from getting dirty, which can be a good purchase to extend the life of your comforter set.

It is important to understand what actually goes into a black comforter set. Really, the bare minimum for a comforter set is a pillowsham, a bedskirt, a thin sheet, and then the comforter itself. Higher end comforter sets will include more items, like extra pillowshams and more sheeting.

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Design will also play a role — a black comforter set can have more than just black involved. It may use an accent color, such as white or red, to bring out a subtle design. Since you're going to own the comforter set for years and years to come, it's important to stop and think about what you really want to include in your bedroom decor scheme.

There's plenty of options to choose from when it comes to black comforter sets, and there's no need to rush into purchasing one without looking at all of those options. We highlight one option from the Chezmoi Collection on the next page.

There's nothing wrong with taking time to find a comfortable comforter set that will make you feel warm from the inside out. Remember that the purpose is to stay warm as well as have something that looks lovely. When in doubt, these tips will guide you time after time to a good black comforter set worthy of your home!

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